“Small Pieces” by John Findura

from West Trade Review, Spring 2017, Vol. 8  ©2017


John Findura holds an MFA from The New School as well as a degree in psychotherapy. His poetry and criticism appear in numerous journals including Verse,Fourteen Hills, Copper Nickel, Pleiades, NGM_N,  Jacket, and Rain Taxi. A guest blogger for The Best American Poetry, he has won and been a finalist for various awards. He lives in Northern New Jersey with his wife and daughters.
Last night I dreamt
of an old face
I thought I had
she was wearing a new
and her voice sounded
the same
It seems she has
fallen apart in
small pieces
a little at a time
no one defining
just small shudders
water dripping
through the cracks
that had always
been there
the reservoir has
run dry
and the fish have
no fire and brimstone
tidal waves
or comets
just loose rivets
and places I forgot
to glue

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