“Poet” by Tufik Shayeb

Tufik Shayeb’s poetry has appeared in numerous publications, including Sheepshead Review, The Menteur, Lost Lake Folk Opera, Madcap Review, Heyday Magazine, Blinders Journal, Muzzle Magazine, Restless Anthology, The November 3rd Club, Lifelines and others. To date, Shayeb has published three chapbooks and one full-length collection titled I’ll Love You to Smithereens. Currently, Shayeb practices law full-time in Phoenix, Arizona.


your words are molasses
bubbling from a spout

or a jumble of loose nails
clanging in a bucket

either way,
your sound is relentless

like a heavy dog
growling at a window

but where are the creases
they paid you to see?

the folds of your life,
where you bend like origami

where the soul’s chisel
gives shape to your story

like a sculpture, or a painting
made in all the shades of

Bukowski yellow, Plath red
the things that serve you

on a long pewter tray
to a hungry, roiled crowd

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